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LHSR Advanced Quantum Healing School

The Principles of Light Healing & Spirit Release

We had hoped to run several teaching workshops at suitable UK venues during 2017/18 but sadly the vast worldwide demand for individual healing rendered this idea unworkable.
However, in 2019, we now intend to start Sunday Tuition Workshops by Video Conferencing which will allow participants in other countries to join in too. We are also preparing Tutorials on certain areas of our work which could be accessed through the website and short summaries of these topics will also appear here. Subjects include:
The True Origin of Depression
The Biggest Single Cause of Panic Attack & IBS
How Human Deterioration Disease Comes About
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sexual & Ritual Abuse
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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Today's Topic: Getting Closure on Childhood Abuse
It would seem - sadly - that a considerable number of people have suffered abuse when they were young. This can be violent abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse but the latter may cause the most problems for adulthood.
Dark-force entities (DFE's) attached to the astral body, fuel ALL abuse and in every instance there will be a DFE on the abuser which is encouraging this unpleasant conduct. During the attack, this DFE will fragment and a small piece of its consciousness will be transferred to the victim as what we call a "legacy" DFE. This legacy entity stays attached to the victim's astral body, growing as they do, and it is still there in adulthood long after the abusive episode is over.
The victim tries their best to forget about the horrible period in their young life but the DFE constantly reminds them about it, putting frightening pictures back into the victim's mind that they had hoped could be dismissed for ever... This is why so few victims of abuse ever succeed in getting proper closure on an abusive episode in their childhood.
Removal of the legacy DFE is a safe and straightforward procedure in the LHSR Advanced QH School and often has a life-changing effect on the well-being of the victim who has struggled for so long..!
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