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LHSR Advanced Quantum Healing School

The Principles of Light Healing & Spirit Release

We had hoped to run several teaching workshops at suitable UK venues during 2017/18 but sadly the vast worldwide demand for individual healing rendered this idea unworkable.
However, in 2019, we now intend to start Sunday Tuition Workshops by Video Conferencing which will allow participants in other countries to join in too. We are also preparing Tutorials on certain areas of our work which could be accessed through the website and short summaries of these topics will also appear here.Subjects include:
The True Origin of Depression
The Biggest Single Cause of Panic Attack & IBS
How Human Deterioration Disease Comes About
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sexual & Ritual Abuse
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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Today's Topic: Gender Dysphoria & Cross-Dressing
A small number of people experience powerful and confusing feelings that seem in contradiction to their own gender. Rather than being homosexual urges, these seem to insist that the person's mind is in a body of the wrong gender and often lead to the wearing of clothes, hair etc more appropriate to the opposite sex. Some in this situation may request hormone therapy or even go so far as to undergo gender re-assignment surgery. While one should not generalise, reports appear to say that those who do take this major step may still not seem to find what they are seeking...
We suggest that in at least some cases of Gender Dysphoria, the Earthbound Spirit (EB) of someone who has died but failed to pass, may have attached to the astral body of the person concerned. And significantly, this Spirit is likely to be of the opposite sex to the person acting as host..! Having a Dark-force Entity (DFE) attached to the astral body in life is often the cause of being unable to pass after death. When the mind of the deceased person attaches to a host as an Earthbound Spirit, the DFE often encourages the visiting consciousness to assert mental superiority over the mind of the host person, giving them strange feelings about their sexual identity and pushing them to alter their gender behaviour patterns.
The irony of this situation is that there IS a mind in the wrong gender body but this was not the case from birth as is often assumed... Instead, a consciousness that isn't supposed to be there has arrived in that body, often at a young age, has tried to take-over and is in fact, responsible for the whole dilemma..!
Release of the Earthbound Spirit is a safe and straightforward procedure in the LHSR Advanced QH School and often proves a life-changing solution for those struggling with Gender Dysphoria.
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