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LHSR Advanced Quantum Healing School

The Principles of Light Healing & Spirit Release

We had hoped to run several teaching workshops at suitable UK venues during 2017/18 but sadly the vast worldwide demand for individual healing rendered this idea unworkable.
However, in 2019, we now intend to start Sunday Tuition Workshops by Video Conferencing which will allow participants in other countries to join in too. We are also preparing Tutorials on certain areas of our work which could be accessed through the website and short summaries of these topics will also appear here. Subjects include:
The True Origin of Depression
The Biggest Single Cause of Panic Attack & IBS
How Human Deterioration Disease Comes About
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sexual & Ritual Abuse
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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Today's Topic: How Previous Life Traumas Can Affect Things In the Present
Our esoteric research showed us that we have many Previous Lives (PL's) joined together in a chain, with our present incarnation at the end of it. But we have only ONE "Essence" - the job title of the Spirit who looks after us during our incarnation and did the same duty for all the PL's too. "Spirit" is probably the best term to use for "consciousness", so after our life is over, although our body will be dead, it is our Spirit which will still know exactly what it did during our lifetime except that it will now be aware of what all our PL's know too!
However we also only have ONE "Soul" for all the lives in our chain. Although this word is often used by people to mean the same as Spirit, we found instead, that the Soul is like an intelligent video recorder, keeping detailed information of everything that happened in the PL's and is now happening to us in the present life. Unfortunately the Soul is quite a vulnerable entity and where violent or unpleasant things happen, a fragment of the Soul may break-off and be left behind..!
It seems that what we call the "Subconscious Mind" may actually be the same as - or part of - our Soul. So this idea would suggest that while our Conscious Mind only knows about the present lifetime, our Subcon remembers about all the lives in the PL chain. And if a "lost fragment" is still focused on a traumatic PL incident, energetic memories can come up its cord (still linking it to the soul) and intrude into the present lifetime, causing psychosomatic symptoms.
As an example, we once treated someone with a bad speech impediment whose Essence told us he had been hanged in a previous life..! Via a soul fragment lost at the time, his throat was now hypersensitive, giving him problems whenever he tried to talk... Recovery of lost soul fragments is usually a successful procedure in the LHSR Advanced QH School so that "PL Echo" problems like this can often be successfully treated.
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