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LHSR Advanced Quantum Healing School

The Principles of Light Healing & Spirit Release

We had hoped in the past to run several teaching workshops in the UK, but sadly the vast worldwide demand for individual healing rendered this idea unworkable.
However we now hope to start Sunday Tuition Workshops by SKYPE Video Conferencing which will allow participants in other countries to join in too. We are also preparing Tutorials on certain areas of our work which could be accessed through the website and short summaries of these topics will also appear here. Subjects include:
The True Origin of Depression
The Biggest Single Cause of Panic Attack & IBS
How Human Deterioration Disease Comes About
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sexual & Ritual Abuse
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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Today's Topic: Human Deterioration Diseases
Examination of a person's astral body can give important information about illnesses that are not apparent to conventional practitioners who restrict their activities to the material plane. Our research has proved repeatedly that "negative energies" attached like hitch-hikers to a person's astral body bring about deterioration disease or dysfunction to the same area of the physical body.
Our evidence suggests that these energies do not attach to people by accident but are placed deliberately. In some cases, there appears to be a motive by other entities to experiment on human DNA and observe the results. In other cases, these hitch-hikers appear to have been sent for malicious reasons by a person with a grievance who wishes to cause harm to the sufferer.
Removal of the attached negative energies is a safe and straightforward procedure in the LHSR Advanced QH School and provided the extent of the disease has not reached the level of organ failure, a full recovery is often possible.
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